"All good thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action"

                         Mahatma Gandhi

Improving the lives of people everywhere

At Exponential Academy we believe that the purpose of business is to improve the conditions for humanity. In order to do so, we need to make sure that people can sustain themselves. At present this is done through the creation of rewarding and fair workplaces. We also believe that a company cannot exist isolated from the society in which it operates, hence social value and contribution becomes imperative. In the end we only have one world and we need to govern it in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Building an exponential model to scale education to those with the greatest needs

Solving the worlds education needs is not only a financial dilemma. Technology has reached a point where we can scale education and train the trainer programs without the historical  limitations of the expert in front of the student. Using a comprehensive technical solution for distribution of learning & development combined with a focus on train the trainer delivery over the air, we can truly scale high quality education to those that need it the most.

We scale education to those less fortunate:


For every person that attends an EA program...


...we will educate two trainers in Bangladesh...


...whom will in turn educate 10 people each...


...and releasing 200 digital training licenses for open application. 

For every bootcamp we deliver, the 24 participants
help educate and improve the lives of 5328 people.

Local anchoring and understanding

Regardless of technology scalability, we depend on local anchoring, people and understanding. We parter with local organizations, companies and governments to secure that what we do generate the impact desired, and below you find our public partners at this stage





Help lifting people out of poverty

Providing education relevant to the local context combined with student promotion on online freelance platforms  





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