Dedicated to partnerships


We cannot make substantial improvement to the world, or change how deep systems function, all by ourselves. We believe in openness, agility, and trust. We partner with companies, technology providers, organisations with a deep understanding of local issues, content owners, and individuals who believe what we believe; that education must become a basic human right regardless, of gender or origin. Partners that believe that those who have, must contribute to those who don´t have. 

Content partners


We are constantly expanding our network of content partners with the purpose to develop a portfolio of services to the have and the have-nots. A common belief we share is that retention levels and change are best delivered upon with the Active Learning Format.

Tipping Point


Focus area partners


We have identified 8 strategic focus areas with the aim to develop an education system capable of carrying the world into the 21st century with hope. They are Poverty, Girls, Refugees, Political, Higher Education, Kindergarten and Preschools, Rural, Youth. our primary focus short term is to develop a platform that scales to aid with the education of the poorest. Second to that is the focus on Girls right to education and Refugees living in camps.



Our technology partners are integral to our strategy for exponential growth. They provide knowledge, development resources, and systems components with the purpose to build the most scalable system the world has ever seen in the area of education.





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